Miso Bugarski

“Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion”

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, on April 7th, in 1980, Miso Bugarski started his creative adventures as a young child and a school boy. Already during his elementary studies in Sarajevo, Vienna and Barcelona he used every opportunity to imagine, build, innovate and improve. The initial results of being inquisitive are the degrees of Industrial Design and later on Interior Design in the prestigious Art and Design academy in Barcelona, Escola Massana.

Before completing his studies, Miso started his professional activity as an industrial designer in the TMT design studio. From the beginning he stood out with great creative skills, drawing and modelling capacity and fast idea generation. These skills made Miso progress fast and within 4 years he became in charge of the design department. During this experience he designed several projects for prestigious firms such as Nestle, Lays, Panrico, Pirelli, Vieta, Ed. Planeta and others, leading throughout the design process, from the concept to the final implementation of the design, which enables him to have a holistic view of the process itself.

Wishing to expand his creative activity within spatial design he studied Interior Design in Escola Massana, Barcelona. Soon after completing Miso gains professional experience as an interior designer in a prestigious Joan Lao studio, where he enhances his expertise in the project development area in specific matters as conceptuality, ergonomics, and aesthetics. At a later stage he joins the Platanos Naranjas studio in the same town, where he further deepens his experience and polyvalence in project execution by investigating and combining heterogeneous styles and different atmospheres.

As a reflection of his passion, Miso Bugarski is a designer who puts much emphasis on the concept creation, to be followed by a design process with an own identity, being the latter a result of a unique reflexion process in each case. Therefore, Miso’s creations are born with authenticity and harmony, embraced by the place, its past, and its future function. Miso sees design much more than just an aesthetics, he is interested in it’s potential to use the initial concept, logic, functionality and aesthetic to together form a well balanced set.

Numerous professional activities and a series of design projects provided Miso with a broad vision and experience making him able to create holistic design solutions, such as furniture, lighting and other design elements, stimulating him to continuously go into new entrepreneurships.

Miso’s professional development pushes him into a new adventure, this time by himself, creating and following his unique vision of space and artistic creativity. For Miso, the best reward both professional and personal, is the client’s satisfaction, and the ability to offer them a tailored response to their needs and expectations comes directly from his personal empathy.

His shapes and ideas will keep on walking through dimensions where inspiration and creativity have no limit…